The Best Beyerdynamic DTX501P 32ohms Supraaural Headphone

Review and Buying Guide of The Best  Beyerdynamic DTX501P 32ohms Supraaural Headphone

Unbeatable for the rate. . I hear to tunes via headphones a excellent offer, as i stay in a flat and i like my new music loud. I use beyerdynamic dt 770s at house and, although they’re ideal for that purpose, they’re much way too huge and cumbersome for travelling. So i considered i’d have a seem if beyerdynamic created one thing appropriate and identified these small beauties. When they arrived, i thought amazon experienced created a mistake and sent me the improper item: no way, i imagined, could this kind of a smaller package have a pair of ‘over-ear’ headphones.

When i opened the bundle, i was delighted. The headphones fold quite little and match perfectly into their own clamshell scenario – which is strong ample to protect them from any conceivable accidents although travelling. In terms of seem high-quality, they’re really, very good. I’m no audiophile skilled but, in layman’s terms, highs are crisp without having being shrill, and the base end is a lot more than enough without becoming ‘boomy’. An significant thing to consider with journey headphones is how substantially seem they leak to their surroundings.

Inexpensive enjoyable. They in good shape effectively, they sound terrific and they’re an cost-effective price. Well worth the money. They also occur with a delicious tiny carry case.



  • Beyerdynamic DTX501p Stereo Headphone review by Dale
  • Excellent travel headphones
  • Unbeatable For The Price.
  • Beyerdynamic DTX501p – 5 Star Product
  • I feel really satisfy for the performance for this fairly cheap price
  • Amazing headphones but broke after 3 months of normal use

Features of Beyerdynamic DTX501P 32ohms Supraaural Headphone – Black

  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Suitable for ipod or MP3 players

The DTX 501 p is a foldable headphone that features a dynamic and in depth audio. Its shut design efficiently attenuates ambient noise and enables enjoying and listening to the music even in a noisy setting. The soft ear pads, the mild bodyweight and the compact sizing make the DTX 501 p best for new music fans on the shift. The shipping and delivery consists of a carrying case for protected transportation.

Box Includes
Headphones and carrying situation

I truly feel truly satisfy for the general performance for this relatively low-cost value. I am applying shure 535 which is around 300pounds. This is my initially time to purchase on ear headphone. I come to feel seriously fulfill for the general performance for this rather affordable rate. Whilst this on earphone is not employing the significant tech of tesla tech of the beyerdynamic, but the sound is even now genuinely equilibrium.

The substance is seldom working with of metallic for this price tag. It definitely like the effectiveness of ue600 triable and bass of ath. It is not a checking headphone. It is a cozy earphone for employing in bus and aircraft, it must be the best option.

Five stars. Astounding headphone, a great deal far more superior than my um1 in-ear.

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Product Info

  • Item Weight 227 g
  • Product Dimensions 20.3 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm
  • Item model number DTX 501P Black
  • Colour black

Questions & Answers

  • Do these Headphones leak sound? I.e are they suitable for listening private on the train/plane without disturbing neighboring commuters?
    I own 2 sets of beyerdynamic headphones (dt770 and dt990) and generally stand by the brand. As a daily commuter on London underground I was looking for a decent porrable pair, that isolated sound. These headphones, in my opinion are not them. The on-ear cup design meant a lot of noise leaked in. I sent thos set back. Id suggest either getting an over-ear set (a bit bulky) or an in-ear phone. I went with Shure se315 which I atand by as a decent noise isolating earphone with an impressive, detailed soundacape.

Conclusion of Beyerdynamic DTX501P 32ohms Supraaural Headphone

Evaluation notes: my initially impressions of the sound of the dtx501p are centered on direct comparisons to other headphones – in certain the fad pandora vi, v-moda m100, beyerdynamic dt1350 and t51p, yamaha mt220, b&o h6, b&w p7, and notes i’ve gathered from numerous prior reviews. I reviewed the dtx501p 18 months back, and whilst i you should not typically do a 2nd overview except if you will find an upgraded version and it is personally powerful, i’ve been using the audioforge parametric equalizer on apple equipment with different headphone amps (and to a lesser extent the foobar2000 equalizer on computer systems), so i determined to get yet another dtx501p and review the sound with and without the need of the equalization. Out of the box the dtx501p has a more powerful than neutral bass with wonderful warmth (which i like very much), an regular midrange that’s neither recessed nor emphasized, and a tender treble. Unfortunately the combination of emphasised bass and tender treble mask considerably of the harmonic facts, demanding some type of eq to have a high fidelity sound. Fortunately the layout of the audioforge equalizer indicates just the minimal changes required to minimize or reduce colorations in the audio with no modifying the simple signature of the headphone.

Summarizing the sound of the dtx501p following equalization**, the bass is continue to pretty easy with fantastic depth and impact (abnormal for a lightweight portable headphone), the mids are crystal distinct and uncolored, and the highs have the sort of existence and sparkle to be a very good hear on a residence hello-fi process. The place the headphone is heat it will continue to be warm, and the possible for element which is identified by the components high quality and the structure implementation will make itself clear, for improved or worse. In the 24 tunes tracks shown below, i identified only a single situation wherever the dtx501p reproduction isn’t specifically equivalent to my more highly-priced headphones – trains by porcupine tree, wherever the clip-clop audio results do not have the complete tonal quality and decay i listen to with (for case in point) the trend pandora vi. The ‘constricted’ or ‘pinched’ seem that some specialist reviewers have reported for this and other little-earcup shut headphones will just go absent. Notice also that this eq isn’t based mostly on my hearing, but on comparing the sound to other headphones (some of which are observed previously mentioned) to check out to be goal.

The net impact of this eq is a balanced seem that makes it possible for the dtx501p to supply essentially all of the depth in the tunes, while at the exact same time relieving any ‘constricted’ or ‘pinched’ consequences. Like most headphones, the dtx501p improves noticeably with dacs and headphone amps as in comparison to working with just a reduced-value moveable tunes participant, and the dtx501p performs quite loudly with standard ipods and cellphones. Leakage is very low, but if utilized in a quite silent business next to other cubicles, the individuals in those people cubicles may listen to faint sounds if the dtx501p is performed at medium-loud volumes. The earcups don’t call my chin when they are entirely extended and i have on the headphone all-around my neck, so the dtx501p is an suitable transportable headphone for people who do not want to have a separate headphone scenario. The songs tracks beneath have been shown in a variety of prior critiques, and are a variety of my most revealing tracks for headphone testing.

Since these tracks protect a extensive selection of genres and ended up chosen from my checks of pretty various headphones, there will not likely be a bias towards the dtx501p with this audio. Animotion – obsession (1980’s new wave/techno): the higher bass synth has great depth and tone with a respectable weight, and both male and feminine vocals seem organic without the need of favoring either. Bauhaus – bela lugosi’s useless (~1980): sturdy midrange sound outcomes – this is a very good worst-case check for resonant-kind seems in the most delicate midrange location. Black sabbath – iron gentleman (vintage rock): very excellent instrumental element and the vocal appears really pure. The dtx501p performs this songs really easily, and the deficiency of deep bass isn’t going to unbalance the treble.

Boz scaggs – lowdown (1976): superior sound high quality – this is a excellent check for any nasality in the midrange. Cantus – danny boy (common/male choral/acapella): the dtx501p performs the voices with sufficient very low stop warmth and bodyweight to seem incredibly natural, still there is no added emphasis of the lessen sign up of the male voices on this observe. Catherine wheel – black metallic (~1991): goth with industrial overtones – i like this considering that it really is a excellent music composition and the audio outcomes are easily integrated into the blend. This may perhaps audio distorted or mushy with some headphones, but the dtx501p renders the deliberate instrumental distortions clearly. Chris isaak – wicked game (pop/rock): the dtx501p performs this significant treble vitality recording quite smoothly – the voice and instruments are in depth but not sharp or edgy.

The upper synth chords have a wonderful tone and ambiance, and the flawlessly-calculated decay would make a excellent listen with the dtx501p. Grieg (beecham-royal philharmonic) – peer gynt-solveig’s lullaby (classical): this incredibly aged (late 1950’s) stereo recording have to have been manufactured on the most expensive gear in the planet, because the overall audio good quality and in particular ilse hollweg’s wonderful voice are as shut to ‘being there’ as i have listened to with some of the greater classical recordings created due to the fact the calendar year 2000. Hans zimmer – darkish knight-aggressive enlargement (soundtrack): the percussion in this keep track of hits actually tricky, and the subtle bass tones starting all over :45 have the extremely-deep ‘shuddery’ sort of seem and really feel that signifies a superior deep-bass response. Heaven seventeen – allow me go (1980’s new wave/techno): the bass instrument (guitar?) has incredibly great depth, and the voices and ambiance have a you-are-there top quality that’s scarce in early 1980’s pop audio. This is a great recording for analyzing no matter whether a headphone’s bass will be adequate for most environments, because for a lot of headphones that have a weaker bass, the deep bass will get absorbed and generally shed when the setting includes a lot of reduced-frequency strength.

Human league – maintain sensation fascination (1980’s new wave/techno): this track’s bass line is extremely thorough, but the somewhat ahead voices don’t have very the ‘you are there’ excellent of the heaven 17 monitor pointed out over. Jimmy smith – basin avenue blues (early 60’s): this monitor has a number of loud crescendos of brass and other instruments that never audio thoroughly clean and musical with some headphones. I’d like to emphasize that these crescendos are possibly the worst-situation check i have for instrumental separation and element, and the dtx501p performs them incredibly nicely. Katy b – crying for no cause (tom shorterz remix) (dance/pop): the deep bass impacts are reproduced pretty properly right here, and the all round ambiance and reverb perform beautifully with the voice, producing an perfect hear for the dtx501p. There are ~30 hz appears in the out of doors natural environment in huge towns, generated by huge trucks, buses, and subway trains, and they have a excellent of ‘rumble’ that’s identical to some deep-bass tones observed in new music.

This 16 hz organ tone is conveniently distinguished from individuals sounds when when compared on a headphone that has very good undistorted reaction at 16 hz. Porcupine tree – trains (pop-rock): this monitor opens with some properly-thorough string appears and a forward-sounding male voice with a larger-than-typical sign-up. The dtx501p reproduction just isn’t as practical as some of my extra high-priced headphones. Scarlatti-kipnis – sonata in e important k381 (classical, harpsichord): the harpsichord here is quite shiny and extremely thorough, and the dtx501p renders the tones and transients clearly. The dtx501p delivers the impacts with a decent excess weight and fantastic detail, and the horns have the type of bite that provides them a wonderfully practical sound.

I took them along to my neighborhood richer sounds where by i selected 3 pairs of other headphones to assess in the hello-fi / av listening space. The bayers fared improved than some a lot more highly-priced headphones (in the bass and mids) but couldn’t keep a gentle to the akg k451’s – clearer, bassier, wider separation and just an all-spherical much more pleasing / exciting / fun listening encounter. These headphones strikes the proper harmony of convenience, portability and sound. The seem top quality is fantastic with lots of detail, a well balanced presentation that is not as well bassy and a huge soundstage. The headphones are gentle, comfortable to have on and pack away into the firm scenario supplied.

If inclined to go even even further in headphone high-quality i recommended the beyerdynamic 1350s. Observe as with all headphones positioning is crucial to get the accurate ear closure, i discover beyerdynamics sit a minor even further back on the ear than many brands. I hear to new music as a result of headphones a terrific deal, as i reside in a flat and i like my songs loud. In termsof seem high-quality, they’re very, very fantastic. An critical thought with vacation headphones is how much sound they leak to their environment.

Clear and Balanced. I’m a big fan of beyerdynamic heaphones. I own a pair of dt880’s for home listening and i was after a relatively cheap (but decent) pair of portables. The headphones produce a very clear sound with just the right amount of bass – enough to make music sound fun, but not too much so that it dominates. They work work with many different styles of music. They are also comfortable, although my ears can get a bit warm after prolonged use. Isolation is fair (nowhere near as good as my etymotic in-ears) and sound doesn’t leak so can be worn in a quiet environment (such as an office) without disturbing others. The hard zip-up case is also a nice addition. Finally, they seem to be well made, like other beyerdynamic products. .

Amazing Headphones But Broke After 3 Months of Normal Use. Until they broke i loved those headphones, super comfortable, great sound, fit nicely on the head, great sound isolation, love beyerdynamic. However after 3 month of normal use, using it during commute everyday, the cable just came out of the headphones like knife through butter. I didn’t get it, it just came out, leaving the white and red cables bare. I think they’re amazing build apart from that cable. And i didn’t do anything wrong. Sad :-(.

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